Spy Hill Research offers a variety of equity research and financial modelling services. With nearly a decade of corporate finance experience, on top of his own personal investment experience and a CFA Charter, Spy Hill Research has the background to provide top quality services to investors.

Financial Model Construction
Need a valuation model done for investment purposes? Want a corporate finance model prepared for your business? With a strong background in finance and nearly a decade of financial modelling experience, Spy Hill Research can put together a model that meets a number of needs. Industries with particular direct experience include oil and gas, utilities (pipelines, power generation, water and electric distribution), and agriculture.

Equity Research
Spy Hill Research can prepare a contracted equity research report into most requested companies. This reports can be private and exclusive to the purchaser or publically available at the client’s option.

Note: We do not accept payment from any companies that we cover. All of our conflicts are fully disclosed in any research report. We are not available for paid research or investor relations activities.

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